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The idea behind IdealBox

Ideal Box (Pty) Ltd was inspired by Dominique Brown, an Entrepreneur who initially wanted to distribute bread in a safe and secure manner.

She designed and built a stainless-steel box integrated with technology which only allows the recipient to open the box.

This electronically accessed box, is a product intended to revolutionise the home and door to door deliveries by eliminating personal contact between the courier and the recipient.  Yet, guaranteeing that between delivery and collection, the ordered package is left in a 100% secured container.

The box is integrated with a downloadable mobile application. This will be the starting point as well as the epicentre of the use of Ideal Box.

The concept of Ideal box is; accessible when vacant, digitally locked once any content is put in the box.

The box will be supplied with sensors to alert the buyer via sms once the delivery is made. The technology involved in the ideal box revolves around a mobile application and digital lock device.

A coded lock is fitted to the retrieval door. Every time a package is delivered and secured, through the application, a code will be sent to the specific phone number from which the order was made. This will then be used to unlock the recipient box door.


The technology that makes Ideal Box

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Automatic Lock

The box locks digitally once the content is inside.

New Technology

Ideal Box is a new technology. It is also the only one of its kind. The box provides endless opportunities for growth and adaptation. 


A code will be sent to a mobile application, providing a unique code which is then used by the recipient to unlock the box via keypad.

Safe Delivery

The box can only be unlocked by the recipient.


What Ideal box has to offer

Cashless transactions

Cashless Transactions

The application allows for electronic transactions to be made, ensuring an easy, secure and contactless delivery.

Contactless retrieval

Contactless Retrieval

Goods can be delivered on a drop and go system. The goods are delivered into the safe box/container and are only accessed by the person who conducted
the transaction.


Sanitation Of Items

When the goods are delivered, they are sanitised inside the box before the goods are handled by the recipient.

Tracked deliveries

Electronically Regulated And Tracked Deliveries

The application tracks the delivery of the goods as an added level of security and convenience.


E-Commerce Friendly

The IdealBox system can be integrated effortlessly into
e-commerce sites for secure and contactless deliveries.

Business and home

Available For Business and Residential Use

Available to all companies and people who download the mobile application and listed services. IdealBox can be beneficial for household or office use.

Our team

Meet the team behind Ideal Box

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Dominique Brown

Executive Member

Dominique is currently a 4th-year student at the University of Johannesburg. She has obtained her diploma with a distinction in food and beverage operations and is currently studying for an advanced diploma in Hospitality management.

George Bermedie

George Bermedie

Founding Member

George Bermedie holds a B.A. Degree from the University of the Western Cape and a post-graduate diploma in Advanced Business Management. He has vast experience at the corporate level and is self-employed for more than twenty years. His key performance areas are project management, HR, Procurement, and Risk management.

Ilana Marnewecke-02

Ilana Marnewecke

New Business Development

Ilana holds a BA Marketing Communication Degree from UNISA and is also a qualified Coach, holding a Masteries Qualification from the Neuro Coaching Institute. She has 17 years of experience as a business consultant and has in-depth knowledge of how to define, develop and enhance local entrepreneurs.

Thys Marais

Thys Marais​

Software Maintenance and Development

Thys is an accomplished systems architect with over more than 30 years in the software industry, which includes industries like banking, accounting, insurance, and logistics.

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    “Safe, secure and uncontaminated delivery of goods
    A tech startup company with endless opportunities.”


    About us

    Ideal Box (Pty) Ltd was inspired by Dominique Brown, an Entrepreneur who initially wanted to distribute bread in a safe and secure manner.  

    She designed and built a stainless-steel box integrated with technology that only allows the recipient to open the box.

    Our mission

    Ideal Box’s mission is to provide a solution to consumers and courier companies for goods purchased online, to arrive in a safe and secured manner, where only the recipient can access the content.

    Our offer

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